Live Assistance

What is live assistance?

Live assistance refers to the process of submitting a support ticket and receiving real-time tech support from one of our Technicians.

The remote monitoring software we use places a small icon on your taskbar which you can click and let us know what problem you’re facing easily.

On average, we solve support requests within 30 minutes.

Technician notification

We’ll then be notified of your issue through our dashboard and a Technician will look into the issue.

The Technician will investigate the issue and let you know via live chat what the problem is and what needs to be done to resolve it.

Live chat

The Technician will keep you updated through live chat as we progress.

Once the issue has been resolved we will inform you through live chat and you can close the support window.

Live assistance is included in all of our IT support contracts.

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What's included?

What you can expect when we support you:

* There is an additional charge of £1.79p per computer for endpoint security.